Deliberative Nursing Process Theory

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This theory analysis paper focuses on the work of Ida Jean Orlando and her Deliberative Nursing Process Theory. Ida Jean Orlando was one of the first nursing theorist that developed a nursing process theory based on her own research and analysis. She established the Deliberative Nursing Process Theory which focuses on the interaction between the nurse and patient. The nurse’s goal is aimed at improving the patient’s immediate situation by relieving stress or discomfort and with effective communication, create a positive nurse-patient relationship. Her theory was developed from observations she recorded on actual nurse-patient interactions in the 1950’s. Orlando looked for “good” versus “bad” outcomes in nursing to determine effective…show more content…
It is an essential part of the nursing care plan. The Deliberative Nursing Process consists of five stages: assessment, diagnosis, planning, implementation, and evaluation. These stages focus on creating patient improvement or positive outcomes for patients (Wayne, 2014). The entire process is cyclical, individualized, and flexible, as you can determine whether to continue or modify the plan of care, or terminate the plan of care if the goals were achieved. All five steps are interrelated and depend on the accuracy of each of the preceding steps. The stages are collaborative as well. The nurse is required to communicate with the patient, their family, and other members of the healthcare team to provide quality, patient-centered care. In addition, the nurse uses critical thinking skills throughout the process. Research by Butts and Rich (2015) support Orlando’s theory is considered a middle…show more content…
In one instance, Orlando’s theory was used in an extended care facility by the night nursing staff regarding two older adult women patients. One patient was constantly calling out for staff and the other patient was constantly removing her oxygen. The nursing supervisor used Orlando’s theory as she met with the nursing staff to determine what the women were thinking and the reasons for the patients’ actions. The supervisor assigned additional nursing staff to that particular unit to assist with the immediate needs of the two patients. A positive outcome was achieved by the interventions of the additional nursing staff as the patients experienced less stressful behaviors. This in turn increased the amount of time the patients slept during the night (Bredow & Peterson, 2009). Orlando’s theory has been used in education as well. Midwestern State University, which is located in Wichita Falls, Texas, is implementing Orlando’s theory for teaching entering nursing students. Also, in Brookings, SD at South Dakota State University, Orlando’s theory is being used for entering students as well as re-enforcing it in their junior year. This theory encourages the students to become effective in their nurse-patient interactions and utilization of therapeutic communication. In addition, the University of Kansas Hospital department of nursing uses theoretical

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