Delegation And Delegation In Nursing

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Delegation and Supervision Delegation is the process of making appropriate nursing judgment to achieve maximum patient care outcomes. This process is done by the registered nurse, with the understanding of the organizational structure, policies and culture of the institution. This skill has to be mastered by the registered nurse regardless of the method of nursing care delivery. This process can be challenging as well as a learning experience to gain proficiency in delegation and maintain the safety and well being of the patient (Yoder-Wise, 2015). To provide safety, critical thinking, stability and time management the registered nurse needs to take several steps to foster effective delegation. Several steps in the delegation process must…show more content…
The registered nurse should communicate clearly her expectation of the task to be accomplished, when and where information should be reported, observations that are expected to be recorded/reported and specific patient concerns that require immediate attention. The nurse would then assess the understanding of the expectation and clarification if needed. Open and mindful communication improves delegation and increase patient safety. Besides verbal communication, non-verbal communication is very important. The nurse’s body language should reflect what she is verbalizing (Yoder-Wise,…show more content…
The registered nurse supervises the delegation by monitoring performance with the standards of practice, policies and procedures. Monitoring varies with the needs of the patient and the experience of the team members. The nurse contemplates the health status of the patients, the geographic design of the unit, the availability of resources, the complexity of the task and feedback from the licensed practical nurse and the nursing assistant. Agreed scheduled checkpoints throughout the shift essentially ensure timely intervention and follow up on concerns. Evaluating the patient’s condition and how the team is handling their tasks results in positive patient outcomes (Yoder-Wise,
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