Degrees in Murder Chargers and Notorious Murderers

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Why do people kill? Is it perhaps something that excites them; something that gives them a rush that nothing else can fulfill. When someone kills another person it is of course against the law; and to this day there have been many different cases in how people kill others, and how the law classifies them. For example, first degree, second degree, and third degree. Then there are of course the people that commit them and what drives them. I will in my paper discuss the different degrees of murder charges and then also classify some famous murderers in history, their charges, and penalty’s.

First Degree Murder

First off is the first-degree murder charge. Although in some states the penalty is different the term is the same. Pretty much a first degree murder can be classified when someone kills another person and the murder was willing and pre meditated meaning: planned out ahead of time. An example would be, Mary were to find her husband in bed with her friend Karen, Mary waits a couple of days goes to Karen’s house and kills her. According to Find Law, “First degree murders include three basic elements: willfulness, deliberation and premeditation. Some states also require "malice aforethought" as an element, though sates differ as to how malice must be shown and whether this is a separate requirement from willful, deliberate and premeditated taking of human life.” When they are talking about willfulness to kill, they are saying that someone must have a reason to kill that other person if not the willfulness is not there. Now when it comes to premeditation all that would need to happen was time with the intent to kill someone or people. There are some states however that can just straight out classify a case to be first degre...

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...of serial killers it can either be organized or unorganized. Most serial killers tend to go more into the organized category until they are tired, get sloppy, and want to get caught.

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