Degree in Business Administration

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“I am not sure what I'll do, but – Well, I want to go places and see people. I want my mind to grow,
I want to live where things happen on a big scale.”
--- F.Scott Fitzgerald

Reflecting the above thought, a Graduate in Bachelor of Business Administration from IBS-Hyderabad now with a dream to fulfill the constant urge to learn and acquire knowledge takes pride in applying for the Masters of Science in Marketing at Canada's one of the prestigious Institutes, John Molson School of Business. Post Secondary, Bachelor of Business Administration was an obvious choice elicited by my immense interest and inquisitiveness in the 'how and whys' of the Business world, which is stimulating and is known for its versatility.

While I was pursuing the third semester of the course, I initiated to lead the Marketing Department of the Cultural Committee during the inter B-School fest and took the responsibility of organizing a 2 day event of Marketing Competitions. In addition to conducting the competitions, I was a part of the Advertising team given the responsibility of having sponsors on board to fund the event, and I thoroughly enjoyed the entire process as I got to learn the implications of the Marketing theories into real life. This was my first enjoyable experience in the Marketing world that has intrigued me to further explore this dynamic field.

During the three years of BBA, I acquired a deep beneficial understanding of Advertising Principles, Brand Management, Online Marketing and examined many case studies for same and devised specific solutions for particular problems which gave me in depth insights about the ...

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...o the real world practice.


I have several concrete goals for my postgraduate study in Canada. I chose Canada for its mix of American and European Cultures represented by the communities from across the borders. Interacting with students of different nationalities and diverse backgrounds will provide me with a deeper understanding of different cultures and mindsets. I hope to expand the horizons of knowledge by learning the latest marketing techniques and theories in order to develop a more broader and an International outlook. After finishing the Msc program in Marketing, I wish to contribute to the already immense field of Marketing which has further potential for innovation while relishing the challenges it offers. Having realized all this, my decision to pursue a career in Marketing is pure culmination of my inclination and interest towards the field.
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