Defusing the Conflict in Northern Ireland

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It seems that all, throughout history, Protestants and Catholics are always butting heads. Tensions were particularly high between Ireland and Britain with Ireland being Catholic and Britain Protestant. This religious discrepancy had a real effect on the Irish people, interfering with their Catholic tradition. The Irish people had longed for independence from the British for a long time; but, Britain really managed to agitate the Irish when they sent settlers from Britain and Scotland to settle in Northern Ireland. This agitation eventually grew into the Northern Ireland War, as the Protestants began to take control. If the Protestants had just settled into Northern Ireland and went about their life, there may have never been a war. The root cause of the Northern Ireland War was the suppression and ignorance of the Protestants towards the Catholic people. The Protestants proceeded to destroy the identity of the Catholic people by influencing their culture, and religious ways. The stripping of political and human rights by the Protestants and the economic burden, left on the Catholics fuelled the anger of the Native Irish.

It can be argued that the Northern Ireland War was the result of Catholic hostility towards their Protestant arrivals. Throughout the history of Ireland, the Irish have been forced to defend their territory, but at times they did it in ways that was most violent. Hostility of the Catholics occurred in the massacre of the Protestant settlers during the early 1600s, which resulted in many Protestant deaths. During the war, the IRA (Irish Republican Army) also did not help their case when they began acts of terrorism on the Protestant population. The Protestants also lived in fear of a Catholic majority because the...

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