Deforestation of the Amazon

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Brazil deforestation has been a global issue for the past decades. In the Amazon rainforest, there have been many miles of trees cut down by loggers, ranchers, and farmers. This has happened ever since the 1970’s when “a flood of miners and settlers rushed into the Amazon rainforest of Brazil, hungry for gold and land” (Brown). The rainforest has been called the world’s lung because it has billion of trees that produces oxygen and absorbs carbon dioxide produced in the air by factories and pollution (Saving). Since it has been cut down, thousands of square miles, it is not absorbing much carbon dioxide and not producing enough oxygen for us to breathe. The government has not made this global issue a top priority because they know that it will cost billions of dollars to restore and fix the rainforest since so much of it has been cut down. The amazon rainforest is 2.124 million square miles and they have cut 20% of the Amazon. “Every day, an average of 214,000 acres (86,000 hectares) of the tropical forest disappears” (“Rainforest”). Also many medicines come from the amazon, and if we keep cutting it down, then we won’t be able to create these medicines to cure people.
One reason that caused this global issue was the slash and burning technique in the rainforest. Slash and burn was used by many South American farmers for “practices to clear sections of forest cover in order to create new planting grounds in the Amazon basin” (Rainforest). Since the rainforest has been used for several things like agriculture and commercial interests, they use the slash and burn techniques to cut down the rainforest. The slashing and burning technique is used to clear down existing vegetation to plant new seeds into the ground. But “slashing and b...

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... rely on oxygen. My plan of action is to start a charity to raise money to save the rainforest so we can bring the beautiful Amazon back to life.

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