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Rain forests consistence one of the most important resources our world has. Even though people continue to not understand that. People are destroying the rainforest by many ways. Deforestation for oil is seems to be one of these things that rainforest faces. Drilling for oil at the rainforest will cause so many problems like environmental effects and health effects on Indigenous Communities. Further, hunting animals is another major problem. The hunters hunt animals for money or food. They also are destroying the biographical habitat of the animals. In addition, the deforestation of the rainforest will destroy the animals’ homes and potentially kill hundreds of them. Moreover, these trees make most of the oxygen in this world, and without them the oxygen production rate will decrease. Because of these reasons, deforestation will cause multiple problems such as: pollution and paucity of oxygen to sustain all the creatures living on this planet.
Hunting in the rainforest increased in the last Century more than any time in the past. We have two kinds of hunters to consider. The first one is the Locals hunter; these are people whom live in the countries that the rainforest in. The second is these hunters who came from another countries to hunt. Animal’s numbers start to decrease in the rain forest, because the hunters poaching them. It will cause damage on the rainforest ecosystem by removing species key to the system's functioning, and the hunters makes hunting games that built on who can kill and hunt more animals than others. “Researchers from Lund University in Sweden wrote in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B that the hunting of animals like primates in these rainforests could cause a reduction in the dispersal of ...

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...d the Indigenous groups, and it will put so many animals of the rainforest in the endangered animals lists. Another thing that effect the cultural too, because the Indigenous groups seems to abandoned their habitat to another habitat to stay away from the diseases, and to make their children live healthier than they will be in this habitat.
In conclusion, people tried to destroy rain forest in many ways that it will make so many problem for the people and the animals. Some of those threats that rainforest faces today is by hunting the animals and but them in endanger animals evaluation. The second thing is the deforestation that rainforest had in the last 50 years and the biggest problem is that it’s continues until now and maybe it will continuous in the future. The third part is the drilling that rain forest faces today and what is his effect on the rainforest.
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