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It is essential that teachers of literacy set strong foundations for learners. To teach literacy effectively, teachers are required to have a deep understanding of what underpins this broad topic. There is significant substance at the core of literacy. Literacy does not simply mean having the ability to read and write. Being literate in today’s society also includes a collection of skills such as viewing, listening, thinking, speaking and how these collection of skills are put together to achieve diverse and complex tasks, including to understand the world around us (Annandale, Bindon, Handley, Johnston, Lockett, and Lynch, 2003).

Teaching literacy as discussed by Annandale et al. (2003) is a challenging role and requires constant adaption depending on the individual audience and the content that is being delivered. Literacy standards for each individual can vary greatly due to social and cultural differences. While varied literacy standards can present diversity between learners Annandale et al. (2003) discuss that human’s share a common desire to communicate in order to make clear meaning of the world around them (p. 32-33). There are a broad range of skills that are required to be literate, these skills are critical in functioning within day-to-day life and making a valued contribution to society. Bull and Anstey (2003) concur with the claims made by Annandale et al. (2003) and additionally suggest that in today’s modern world with growing economic and social demands literacy should valued exceptionally high (p. 53).

Under the spectrum of literacy, The Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority [VCAA] (2009) has centred the curriculum into two main domains; texts and language. Acquiring skills in these domains is vital for...

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