Definitions of Key Events in American from 1940s to 1980s

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1. Truman Doctrine- a policy established by former President Truman, on March 12, 1947 Truman gave a speech in 1947 to Congress asking for their support in assisting Greek and Turkey against communism. Truman requested four hundred million dollars be giving to Greek and Turkey as well and Congress approved. The policy turned into not only assisting Greek and Turkey against communism but also providing economic and military assistance to any other country that was being threatened by communism and any Soviet forces. The U.S government had been previously informed in February of 1947 that the British were no longer able to support Greece and Turkey governments financially. The British were supporting Greece and Turkey since World War II ended. During this time both Greece and Turkey were in need of help. Turkey was trying to make their country more modern and Greece was fighting a civil war. Also Greece and Turkey were close to the Soviet Union so it was very likely that the two countries could fall under communism. Truman’s request was signed on May 22, 1947. The Marshall Plan came a year after this doctrine was signed.

2. Marshall Plan- a recovery plan passed by Congress as the European Recovery Program in 1948 and was designed to provide economic assistance to European countries after World War II. The plan was proposed by George C. Marshall whom was secretary of state at the time. In a speech George Marshall said that European countries to should have a plan that would be dedicated to helping them recover economically. The Marshall Plan is also known as the Economic Corporation Act, which is the name it was originally passed as. The plan gave thirteen million dollars in aid to European countries such as Greece, Great Britain, ...

... middle of paper ... were arrested.

10. Tet Offensive- name given to a number of attacks by Viet Cong and North Vietnamese forces. The attacks started in 1968 when about 70,000 North Vietnamese and Viet Cong forces were launched. The launch happened on the first day of the lunar year, the Lunar New Year which is called Tet. The attacks took place in cities and towns in South Vietnam. General Vo Nguyen Giap decided that it was time for troops to make an attack on South Vietnam. More than 80,000 troops went into South Vietnam and attacked an American base that in Saigon. Eventually U.S troops and South Vietnamese troops were able to recover the territory that was lost but it took weeks. In the end communists were unable to maintain control over South Vietnam and both the Viet Cong and the U.S were left with heavy causalities. This resulted in Americans not supporting the Vietnam War
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