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Hibah Darwish Professor Melissa Alling English 1101 Julu.31, 2017 Do we ever ask ourselves why do definitions matter? The definition is very important because definitions help us clarify and explain ideas. Therefore, they can, therefore, help us reveal philosophical truths about the nature of not only language but our own concepts and thoughts. A definition is a “statement of the meaning of a term (a word, phrase, or another set of symbols)” (“Definition - Wikipedia." Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia, Wikimedia Foundation, Inc, Accessed 31 July 2017. ).However, a definition isn’t just a meaning for one word, and it’s for more than one word. “It may be true that defining key terms and concepts is important to the start of any productive argument, but not all definitions are the same. Most logic texts list five different types of definitions which people might use. This can give the impression that the matter is pretty well settled, but it's not. In fact, the assumption that the matter is settled is part of what gives rise to debates about the nature of definitions every so often”( "What Are Definitions?" ThoughtCo, And nowadays, you can find a lot of definitions for just one word. Some of them are bad definitions, but that doesn’t mean we can’t use it. Even if it’s bad, we still can use it as a definition, on the other hand, there are a lot of good definitions. Also, I think the reason why is there are so many different definitions, dictionaries, and arguments surrounding certain words because it depends on the development and the time, as well as it depends on the place of the word in the sentence. Should definitions change? I think the definition ... ... middle of paper ... ...America. A month ago, my husband and I we were invited to his friend’s wedding and this was my first experience at an American weeding. We prepared ourselves to go to the wedding, and when we arrived for the wedding I was surprised that men and women were in the same place and they all drank together that is not allowed in our culture. At the end, this was a good experience and at the same time was extremely difficult because I was in another culture. Also, everything’s different like language, food, tradition and American life. On the other hand, I learned a lot from this experience about other culture. I hope everyone has a chance to visit a new country to know more about of the country. A lot of people feel fear about to trying a new culture but actually, it’s something interesting. I would like to say that we are all one culture and do not differ from each other.

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