Definition of Servant Leadership

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Servant Leadership is a concept that is interpreted in a variety of ways and interpreted differently by many different people. Some believe that Servant Leadership is a philosophy that certain leaders believe in by developing characteristics in order to follow this philosophy while others believe is a set of leadership practices in which one must gain skills by practicing certain set of rules. Although these beliefs are justified and believed by many, Servant Leadership is truly a journey that an individual endures by first becoming a servant to the community and then becoming a leader but a leader whose main priority is to serve humanity. The journey of becoming a Servant Leader also leads to these individuals gaining characteristics in order to become a successful leader. These characteristics include awareness, supportive, confidence, ability to empower, and genuine.
A Servant Leader’s main purpose is to build a community and serve humanity. This involves a Servant Leader to be supportive to not only their followers, but also to everyone around them. Along with this, a Servant Leader should have the ability to empower. Empowerment and being a supportive person go hand in hand. By being supportive of all ideas and suggestions by their followers and peers, Servant Leaders can create a positive environment in which everyone feels welcomed and appreciated. This type of positive atmosphere allows for personal growth due to the feeling of empowerment which directly comes from support. For example, if a team of employees get together every so often to come up with ways to improve their business, the introverted employees will feel less comfortable in speaking up their thoughts than the outgoing employees. If the leaders of the grou...

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...ator” test where our personalities were analyzed through a series of questions. The test gave a very thorough description which we brought to class the following week and discussed the different types of personalities. I never realized how differently we all thought as individuals and why we all think the way that we do. I feel that I have become more aware of myself and the way I think along with how some of my peers think. I will always think twice when dealing with certain individuals and be more cautious on how I treat them as well.
With all of these lessons, and my own definition of Servant Leadership, I hope to continue this journey throughout these four years and apply them to my career and thereafter. I hope to be a successful leader by applying these lessons for the rest of my life while being a servant to my community, my peers, and humanity as a whole.
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