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Nursing is defined in so many ways. There are several concepts within nursing. Many theorists have provided definitions and/or concepts associated with nursing. Within this paper, you will see my perspective of nursing, with hints of earlier theorists. Nursing concept of person A person is defined as human being. (Person, 2014) Being defined as a human being includes the physical body only. A person is defined by their physiological, psychological, social, spiritual and culture existence. A person has the ability to seek independence; exemplified through the mind and body. Seeking independence through the mind and body expresses self-reliance in the world. A person is a developing organism built on a collection of parts. The collections of parts include nature, environment and the self-consciousness. Nature consists of the genes we are born with; environment includes family religion, community and many more. People have the ability to conceptualize and symbolize creating unity and/or chaos. This can be described as greatness; greatness in a life of meaning. A person also evolves in the world and relationships with other people. Nursing concept of environment The environment consists of internal and external factors as well as influences that which affects life, development and surrounds the person at all times. The environment can teach uniqueness and evolves based on culture. The environment is not only defined by its biotic and abiotic factors. It has the ability to continuously interact, assist with change; and facilitate achievement. Our thoughts, interactions and culture determine our response to the environment. According to the 1974 Adaption model, the nurse’s role is to promote adaption by modifying... ... middle of paper ... ...e as a person of wisdom; caregiver, teacher, advocate, leader, motivator. We care in the human experience, while experiencing growth. We experience people at their best and worst. As we experience a person, we encourage them during their worst. We celebrate with them at their best. We are the pillars of healthcare; restoring, promoting and maintaining health and dignity. Works Cited Cherry, B., & Jacob, S. R. (2014). Contemporary Nursing: Issues, trends, & management (6th ed.). St. Louis, MO: Mosby. Current Nursing (2012, Feburary 4). Virginia Henderson's need theory. Retrieved from Person. (2014). In March 18, 2014, from Watson, J. (1985). Nursing: The Philosophy and science of Caring. Colorado: Associate University Press

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