Definition Of Theory

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The exact definition of theory is a system of ideas intended to explain something. When focusing on Natural sciences, theory is defined as a set of principles that predict and explain a phenomena. When focusing on Human sciences the key words are to study and interpret social phenomena within a thought. The most important key words that one has to keep in mind are interpret, predict and explain. Acknowledging this, theories come in different category’s such as: Descriptive theories, theories predicting a phenomena and theories that explain a phenomena. To consider a theory as truthful, it must be convincing which means the theory must stand the challenges that may occur such as persuading people for it being true, without any questioning about its value. Every individual will be convinced in a different type of way on different levels. For example, when one considers the large influence of media on our society today, some may think the news is as accurate as possible, and think every thing that is said must definitely be true. Only very basic descriptions and explanations may be required to convince someone that something is true or not. For others, detailed explanations with supporting facts may have to be provided, for them to believe what they hear, even if the theory is completely accurate. Another factor that is relevant is whether the individual is influenced by their subconscious tend or their intuition, this means whether they want to believe in the theory or not. Emotional bases and using reasoning are another two factors that may influence our beliefs. When looking at natural science, emotion does not play a large role, but rather reasoning because natural science is based on facts rather than individual interpretatio... ... middle of paper ... ...and one cannot pull a conclusion for all people of this world by using around 30 subjects. A theory is not certain; it is just a thought that we have gathered; yet through your own experience, our surroundings we see them as convincing. Natural science theories are believable because of the proof given, yet these experiment results may also be inaccurate because of human errors or errors in the scientific equipments. A theory is a system of ideas in which we attempt to explain predict or describe something that might be believable to us. We use our emotions and reasoning for the theory’s validity. Over all, the questions whether an individual is convinced by a theory or not is based on his willingness to accept this theory, his own personal aspect and the humans trust towards it. The way a theory is described and how it is displayed is what makes it convincing.
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