Definition Of The ADKAR Change Management Model

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Definition of Terms The following are the terms that have been found in this study with its definition.
Ability. The skills used to implement change on a day to day basis.
ADKAR Change Management Model. The theoretical framework used by the researcher to be a foundation of this study for individual excellence and cultural adaptation.
Agile culture. The rapid adaptation of an organization and its employees to customary cultural change.
Analyzing. This is a behavioral style that is objective and conscientious when it comes to data and information.
Awareness. This creates an understanding for the need to change.
Behaviors. Behaviors are the range of actions and mannerisms made by individuals in conjunction with themselves or their
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This is the one person involved in this study. The “I” or “You” being referred to.
Individual excellence. An individual commitment to excellence regardless of ability, age, condition or experience.
Leadership Style. These are approaches to implementation of plans and motivation people.
Lewin 's Change Management Model. A theoretical framework used by the researcher as a foundation for this study that refers to an organizational winning culture.
Managerial Level. This is a level of management used by the researcher as criteria for respondents.
Norming. The process of arriving at a concrete resolution to work for team’s success. The adaptation and dropping of your own ideas is also found in this stage.
Organization. The organized body of people referred to as business society.
Performing. This is where the hard work of the team comes in. This is where the process and structures set in place.
Power of thinking. An underlying principle of Human Operating System that focuses on the ability of an individual to see positive amidst the
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These are accumulation of team member’s behavior that enact as one to support the result of team output.
Team dynamics. The behavioral relationships between members of a group that are assigned connected tasks within a company.
Team Leader Level. The level higher than the senior in the team. Most of the time if a team has senior, there is no need for team leader, but when team leader occurs, that means that he/she focuses on the team atmosphere and escalations first hand before it reaches your manager level.
Transition. The period process of changing from one phase to another.
Tuckman 's stages for a group. Psychologist Bruce Tuckman first came up with the memorable phrase "forming, storming, norming, and performing" in his 1965 article, "Developmental Sequence in Small Groups." He used it to describe the path that most teams follow on their way to high performance.
Unfreeze. This is the stage where you have to breakdown all the dividions and walls that may be the breeding ground of unwanted behaviors and attitudes.
Winning culture. A way of showing how well you have utilized and nourished your human capital, thus providing you an intermittent flow of revenue and success to the

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