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I’m writing this essay on about how to avoid plagiarism in your essay and to maintain academic honesty. My essay on ‘There is no need for a multilateral agreement on competition law provided there is co-operation on enforcement.’ Of International Competion law module was referred to the plagiarism check, hence I’m writing this essay on academic honesty and giving recognition to the authors who are the rightful owner of the work published.
The topic of the essay depends upon the critical thinking of the writer. It is required that the topic should be original and should be or work of authors own research. The topic should be researched properly from every aspect with a reasonable question to be answered and then a balanced answer should be given. This is a concept of critical thinking. The piece of work should be an outcome of own personal ideas, views and free from plagiarism. Plagiarism amounts to when a person takes others ideas, views, writings, statements, or even conversation. It can be seen in books, articles, other literary works, songs, lyrical, cinematography or artwork, webpage, speeches etc. When an author writes or mention thoughts of the others in their work then the author should get a credit for their work and that particular part of the work should be cited by proper reference to the rightful owner of that work. This is called as internal citing. Internal citation can be done in the article by tagging the author/originator of the work and by mentioning them by way of footnote or endnotes.
A Bibliography or reference list is ‘work cited page’ in the end of the every piece of work. It is expected to be in the alphabetically order. Here all the sources can be referred like book, cases, webpage...

... middle of paper ...

...e mentioned in the bibliography after required level of interpretation in your own words. It must not be merely a work of copy or pasting. Furthermore, the adequate information regarding such online materials resources must be mentioned. It must be unquestionably mentioned as such sources would have been viewed by the other classmates or even the supervisor.
Another suggestion is that if you have already submitted a work for some other module, competition, or institute the same work must not be resubmitted, you can either refer to few points from your earlier work along with adequate resources information. But it usually expected that the work is fresh and new only a certain aid of few points from earlier work is still accepted in order to explain you position. If this not kept in mind it will amount to ‘auto-plagiarism’.
It is very much expected to maintain the
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