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What does it mean to be in a state of consciousness? The key word of consciousness to me, is having awareness. Being aware of everything in your surroundings and using these observations to create a relationship between your mind and the world around you. It has been defined as: awareness; the ability to experience feelings; wakefulness; having a sense of selfhood; or the control system of the mind. From birth, humans are constantly developing a unique human behavior. Personality is created based on the mind’s relationship with the environment and your own decision toward adverse situations the world may throw at you. One may make decisions that will make you a better or make you lower your personal growth; this up and down relationship based…show more content…
The three structures of your personality is called the Id, the ego, and the superego.The Id is a personality component containing inherited psychic energy (sexual and aggressive instincts); this can also be referred to as the devil on your left shoulder. The Superego is a personality component that represents morality, conscience, and social standards, known as the angel on the right shoulder. The Ego is the personality component that represents reason, good sense, and rational self-control, also known as the referee between Id and…show more content…
Factors that lead to this state of consciousness includes truth,courage,compassion,open-mindedness,optimism,etc.Based on our lecture, we obtain a higher Consciousness by being “properly directed” to reach enlightenment and spirituality. Enlightenment – Living an enriched life with great value and quality. A life that is free of ignorance, prejudice, hatred, etc. A life filled with love, compassion, and total goodness. One can be in enlightenment by simply eliminating all negative vibes and to think positive. My sister and I increase our enlightenment through occasionally mediating for a few minutes.Spirituality – How well one relates and tries to help (not harm) all other creatures, plants, and the natural environment of our world. Volunteering at a community homeless shelter is a great way of improving your

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