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The conjugal definition of marriage focuses on the universal core functions of marriage, which includes control of sexual activity and the legitimisation of children. Within this definition three ideas can be used to explain it, namely, stable mated relationships, family and sexuality and cross cultural variation. This definition of marriage is stringent and does not leave room for the many types of marriages that exist.
Analysis of the Definition
The three ideas included in the definition of conjugal marriage formulate a more comprehensive definition that can be more easily understood. The first idea included in the definition is stable mated relationships. The idea of stable mated relationships is seen as the basis for marriage (Ember, et al., 1997). Basically, this idea means that the partnership of marriage creates a sharing of duties and the division of labour. The
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Firstly is the Nayar people of India. The Nayar people conduct pre-puberty marriages between a daughter and a chosen husband. The ritual husband would be from a linked lineage of the family. Once the ceremony has taken place the ritual husband has no further contact with his wife and would not father any children with her. The wife can however, see visiting husbands who would in turn father her children (Gough, 1993). This example of marriage does not follow the rules of conjugal marriage. The husband, after the ceremony is no longer in contact with the wife which means that they do not share duties. The sharing of duties is a corner stone of conjugal marriage. Another important aspect of conjugal marriage is that of control over sexual activity and legitimisation of children. The husband in this case does neither of these. He has no control over the sexual activity of his wife, nor can he claim any children that she has with her visiting

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