Definition Of Change And Strategic Change

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1.0 INTRODUCTION OF CHANGE AND STRATEGIC CHANGE 1.1 Definition of Change At its most basic level, change is a movement out of the current state, through a transition state and to a future state (Prosci, 2014). Change is an action of creating something different from the usual state. In simpler words, change will affect the current state and transformed it to be different in future. Besides that, change is continuously revolved. An organizations, human beings or nature will face change every single day in their life. For a change in an organization, managers have vital responsibility of guiding the members of organizations or teams through change unscathed. Managers or decision makers must first recognize the different types of change that…show more content…
For instance, a strategic change might be in moving on the corporation's policies, target market, mission or organizational structure. Strategic change is defined as changes in the vital elements of the firm's strategy such as its nature of business, objectives, structure or polices. In simpler words, strategic change is a way of changing the objectives and vision of the company in order to obtain higher success (Naghibi A. & Hediyeh, 2011). Thus, it means strategic change is changes relate with everything that the organizations have such as it nature of business, the resources as well as its strategies. Without a proper implementation and monitoring, new strategic plans may not be successful in capturing the change potential opportunities. This failure can also due to lack of communication from the change agents or key decision makers to the employees. The strategic changes made by the organization will not be successful if it the whole management and employees from all levels unable to understand it. It also important for the organization to change immediately or else the organization will be less…show more content…
For Outside Pressure Type, the change agents are not the members of the organization, they are solely from the outside of the organization. This type of change agents, they are trying to make a change by various pressure tactics such as demonstrating, civil disobedience and violence. Second type is the People-Change-Technology Type, the change agents in this kind of type is merely focusing to change an individual. The change agents are concerned with the employee’s morale, absenteeism and quality of work. Third is the Analysis-for-the-Top Type, the focus of this change agents are on changing the organization’s structure in order to improve output efficiency. Lastly, for the Organization-Development Type, the change agents are focusing on the internal processes such as relationship between personnel, communication and decision making process (Fred C,
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