Definition Of Autism

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What is the definition of Autism? Autism is a disability that affects the development areas of a student’s verbal and nonverbal communication, educational skills and performance, and social interaction. The children that have Autism are usually engaged in repetitive activities, are resistant to change in their environment, or daily schedules and routines, and have an unusual response to sensory experiences. This disability will usually show its characteristics in a child by the age of three. Research has shown that approximately one out of seventy boys and one out of three hundred and fifteen girls are classified as having an autism spectrum disorder. Broken down, that is one out of every one hundred and ten children. According to the U.S. Department of Education in the fall of 2008, there were approximately five percent of students between the ages of six and twenty-one that were served by IDEA, were classified as having Autism.
Another Autism disorder is Asperger Syndrome. This disability is described that the individual will have significant challenges in social functioning but will not have delays in development of language or intellectual functions.
There are six distinct characteristics for Autism, they are the following: Repetitive behavior, atypical language development, atypical social development, problem behavior, differences in intellectual functioning, and sensory disorders.
Children with Autism have many different language abilities that range from no verbal communication to a very complex communication. Half of the students that have Autism do not develop the communication skills needed to be sufficient in today’s society of expectations. These students will have a speech barrier when trying to communi...

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...ead on hard surfaces, or using objects to hurt themselves.
When an Autistic child is in a normal mood, they will show the signs of repetitive behavior. They will repeat the movements that they like, or verbally make the sounds that sooth them, or repeat words over and over that feels good for them to say. Having a routine is something that is a must for Autism children. Doing the same things over and over on a schedule can seem mundane to any other person, but with Autism if that routine is broken it will cause them to have high anxiety. Even something as simple of changing seats in a classroom, or having their things taken from them as in the out of sight out of mind scenario, will cause them to be upset. This can cause them to disrupt others around them which if they are in a classroom setting, will cause many disturbances for others as well. They will revert to
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