Definition Essay On Personality

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According to Lois Morris and John Oldham (1995) “your personality style is your organizing principle. It propels you on your life path. It represents the orderly arrangement of all your attributes, thoughts, feelings, attitudes, behaviors, and coping mechanisms. It is the distinctive pattern of your psychological functioning the way you think, feel, and behave that makes you definitely you.” When describing others and ourselves, we use the word personality to do so. Our personality can have limitations and/or expand options and choices within our lives. Also, it has been believed that personality is a way for us to shape our environmental, parental and developmental, and learning factors. Having different personalities, they can be developed by people studying through the many forces, factor and influences that are shaped by personalities. Though the different theories are believed to be built on personality the different factors are such a genetic, learning, environmental, parental, and developmental factors. In so many ways, we are all set apart which are caused by our personalities. Our psychological differences can be noticed within individuals based off of our personality. Building on the terms of it, it could build on mental statuses, how a person thinks, and their appearance just to name a few and give an idea of how our personality can be involved in so many ways. Personalities can help measure how someone manages his/her thoughts, behaviors, attributes, feelings, attitudes, and coping mechanisms. However, a person may find it easy to describe their style, traits, interactions while dealing with other people, and ways they can handle stressors that build their personality. ... ... middle of paper ... ... upfront or even understand the things that they do, with people accepting who they are as a person because that is how they behave. Such behavior, that a person has their own style, traits, ways to interact with a person, and how a person can handle stressors which can help describe a person personality. Personality theorists attempt to organize their knowledge about people to arrive at a better understanding of our complexity…personality theory provides a lens through which we may attempt to make sense out of what we know about the functioning and dysfunction of individuals, dyads, families, and larger systems (Lecci, 2015). However, in life, it can take a lot of traits to build a personality which I have mentioned above. There is no perfect situation where personality characteristics stand alone. Everybody is a combination of their countless attributes.
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