Definition Essay: Balancing Work And Work-Life Improvement

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MAKING WORK-LIFE BALANCE CONVENIENT Balancing work and family life is one of the biggest challenges of modern day, city life. Especially for those of us, who have a corporate job that demands more time and effort than we would like, drawing a line somewhere is crucial. In fact, employers as well, agree to the need for an environment and work-culture that helps their people, balance between responsibilities at work and home effectively. They take measures such as offering flexible work-hours, work-from-home opportunities and event-specific leaves for family life – like at the time of wedding, child-birth or for pursuing higher education. Work-life balance is essentially used to indicate a life where there is equal importance to professional…show more content…
Eating timely goes a long way in keeping you fit and active. Allot and stick to your breakfast and lunch hours, even at work. Invest your time into a gym or a swimming pool; these activities not only help keep fit but also reduce stress on a daily basis. Nobody but you will face consequences of an unhealthy lifestyle; so it is imperative that nobody but you should take charge to change this too. Keep track of your time Understand how you are spending your time. Track yourself for a week moving through work and home and friends circles. Analyze this, and re-think if this is exactly how you would like to spend your time. Most often, people lose track of how many extra hours they’re burning at office, or at parties where they do not even make friends. Keeping track of time, helps dedicate it to what really needs it. Choose work that you enjoy If you love what you do, and do what you love – work doesn’t remain work anymore, but becomes pleasure. While it is challenging in a corporate setup to love each piece of work you pick up, make sure there is a considerable portion of work every day that you really enjoy. These bits and pieces help you feel better about yourself, show you the value of the time you’re putting in, and help you get more

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