Definition Essay About Love

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Love is something that is most commonly misunderstood today. We often confuse lust for love. Love is a variation of diverse emotional and mental states, characteristically powerful and positively experienced that ranges from interactive affection to simple pleasure. There are various acts of love shown by and to different people. For example, the love of a mother for her children differs from the love of two significant others, which varies from the love people have for food or inanimate objects. The forms of love vary from Old English to Middle English. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the current use of the word love means “A feeling or disposition of deep affection or fondness for someone, typically arising from a recognition…show more content…
No one is wrong when it comes to their own idea of love, but it is so much more than what we can understand. During my adolescent years love was foreign to me because, I didn’t feel the motherly or fatherly love from my parents like most kids. My biological parents fell into the statistical parents in the African American community, they weren’t together as one. Your first example of love is something you search for from your parents. For me that wasn’t the case. Love to me was first introduced through my grandparents. Growing up as a child, watching the way my grandparents treated and loved each other, inspired me to find my own kind of love. Love should be unconditional, genuine, kind, and patient. Love in this world has become obsolete. We use the word freely without any meaning to each other. We often mistook a love connection with a more physical or sexual attraction. Truly loving someone is more than the physical aspect. The mental and emotional parts of love are intricate aspects as well. Love shouldn’t feel overwhelming or forced it’s something that comes naturally.

Some people think that love is in materialistic things. They believe that if their spouse, parents, or friends give them gifts, that’s showing they supposedly “love” them. Others may think that receiving a surplus of compliments is considered “love.” Why should material things or how many compliments you
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