Definition Essay About Horror

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What is a horror film and why do so many viewers adore being terrified? Horror is a genre that has a goal to petrify their audience, making one feel nervous and realizing their fears. Several of us have a dark side whether we know it or not. Those who tend to fall in love with horror do for many intentions; however, countless fans refuse to watch scary films. Horror has several meanings; therefore, if you enjoy twisted situations you fall under the select group that lives to watch scary films. If not, you may dislike it due to your younger years, bad dreams, or even anxiety. Although horror leaves some audience members with nightmares, many viewers have a strange connection with scary movies for various reasons. Furthermore, those who tend…show more content…
When watching a film, a fan might become that interested that they put their self in the killers spot or the victims situation. Watching a tragedy creates many emotions, being overwhelmed of great feelings of sorrow or pity. The select horror group loves the intense experience that the films provide. Becoming more curious about situations during the film, one may say a fan loves this genre, because they are into mystery. Trying to figure out the killer or why a place is haunted, the audience may come up with various conclusions as to why this stuff is happening. After the film is over a fan of horror usually feels good or relieved, because they found out the situation. Others may stop watching because there is too much gore or paranormal activities happening, leaving them to have nightmares during the night. Horror fans may like to watch scary movies at night, because it sets the mood, making it scarier than watching the film in the…show more content…
These types of films prove that our problems can be conquered, leaving the viewers to believe they can escape from more realistic fears. These viewers tend to love this genre due to problem solving. Horror proves you are tougher, emotionally stronger, and can cope with events in your life better. One may believe this is true, because films give all different life situations, leaving the viewers to learn what to do when a similar event happens. This genre plays with many emotions; you either love it or not. One may not like horror due to their younger years. They could 've been chased or scared as a kid, so therefore they are scarred for life with whatever happened to them. Having anxiety when watching these films, they decide to cover their eyes at certain spots. However, a horror fan gets closer to the screen, watching for something to strike so they can get scared and
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