Definition Essay About Being Funny

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Like Bill Crosby said “Through humor, you can soften some of the worst blows that life delivers. And once you find laughter, whatever your situation might be, you can survive it.” Humor can be taking a situation, event, or problem and adding little interesting details to make it hilarious. It can be composed of satire, offensive or gross humor. So, what is funny? Funny can have a variety of definitions for many people. People can think that acting foolish or falling down the stairs funny. What I really find funny is a comedian or a person making jokes about other person's race or copying their accent; in a good way. Everybody has something that makes them laugh; it can be as simple as farting in public. Offensive humor is not for…show more content…
Sexist jokes, acting stupid, trying too hard to be funny, and making fun of homeless people are things that I don’t find amusing but instead anger towards those jokes. Some women jokes are acceptable, but making jokes saying that you hit your wife or girlfriend is not funny as a result of being too harsh on women. An example would be from the Huffington Post article explaining why sexist jokes are not funny “I like my violence like I like my beer” that is a joke told by some men. The so-called “joke” can be abusive towards women. Another example that I don’t find funny is acting stupid, it is not interesting when it comes to being funny, represents that you are just not funny enough and that you don’t know the definition of humor. Also trying too hard to be funny is so annoying. When people are funny, I think that they are just born with that sense of humor. Trying too hard is just embarrassing for that person, especially if you are trying to impress a girl you like. Chances are that you blew it by trying too hard. .It makes me dislike that person even more. I have seen videos where people like making fun of homeless people. For example, I saw a video on Youtube when some guys were taking pictures of a homeless guy and they thought that they were being funny. What I think of those people is that they just don’t have a heart and that they are very cruel to a vulnerable person, and that they are worth nothing. Some people just don’t know what to the extreme
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