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There are few words that possess a positive connotation to the extent that people will become invigorated and inspired just at the mention of it; Success is one of these words that cause an elaborate collaboration of emotions, which is usually summated by the emotions of elated happiness and paralyzing fear. Along with the emotional reverberation that the mere mention of the word causes, it is also plagued by numerous interpretations. Many times the cerebral vision that society pictures when contemplating success is a prodigious amount of money, with luxury cars and private jets to boot; however, this is a very superficial viewpoint of success, and many of the wealthiest people that inhabit the world are also the least successful. The ways that success can be defined are near infinite, but compiling a large sum of physical possessions is definitely not one of them. Success is the participation in activities and recreation that prompt you to live a life enriched with enjoyment, altruism and a feeling that what you have done and are doing in life is helping to benefit the entirety of society.
One of the more common meanings of success, aside from the superficial materialistic meaning, is being successful in regards to family and other intimate relationships. Many have made the statement that the greatest feeling in somebody’s life is the birth of their children. This feeling that people receive gives a long-lasting feeling of self-satisfaction which provides residual dividends throughout their life. These experiences are all similar by the fact that they possess a deep emotional investment of the individual, unlike shallow experiences like succeeding in a business deal or making a large turn on an investment. It should be mentioned...

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... upon by future people will last until the termination of humanity itself. To be remembered throughout history, and to be taught about in textbooks, is what truly defines everlasting success, especially if the work that was done by the individual was performed with benign intentions.
The complexity of the term success in unbounded, with little to no restraints on how the term can be construed to the liking of the one doing the defining, however, true success will always be classified by the basic principles of morality, happiness and altruism. Unfortunately, many people aspiring to success in modern society are driven by the most luxurious objects that are present in society, but these are unfulfilling and short-lived. To be truly successful, one must not only benefit themselves in the present, but benefit the entirety of the human race for generations to proceed.
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