Defining the Entrepreneur: Their Impact In Our Society and Educational System

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Entrepreneurs are a very, or perhaps the most, important boost in our economy. An online article by Bryan Tracy, believes that in order for a country or civilization to be successful, they need to inject entrepreneurial “activities” into their culture and economy in order for them to accomplish financial and security stability. In this research I would try to define entrepreneurship and perhaps establish a better understanding of whom an entrepreneur really is and what they do to keep our economy working. I would also discuss the impact and importance entrepreneurs have on our society. Entrepreneurship is not an easy field to understand and master. One of the obstacles top universities face today is accepting the fact that teaching students with real life experiences is more valuable rather than just preparing them with business administration courses. I will use this research to deeply analyze the lack of good entrepreneurial courses in most colleges.

Entrepreneurship: Their Importance and Characteristics
Over the last decade, entrepreneurship has risen and changed the rules of business. Entrepreneurship is a field that doesn’t necessarily require all entrepreneurs to have the same level of education; perhaps they don’t need to be geniuses or have a brilliant idea in order to make a “profitable” business (Praag and Versloot 2007). Unfortunately, people assume that entrepreneurs need to be born in a wealthy family, or are around money all their lives in order to be recognized as a successful entrepreneur. Whenever I have the chance to ask anyone about entrepreneurship, they immediately assume that it is just about being a business owner. It is true that entrepreneurial activity around the country is mainly focused on small bus...

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...untry’s ability to have a balance, both economically and quality of life.
Entrepreneurship is a field that is new in theory but slowly getting acknowledged by both society and academically. People still don’t value the importance and impact entrepreneurs have in our life. Entrepreneurs create jobs, have their own personalities, and is a field being taught by top universities, even though it is still not a complete course. In the near future, top universities will have mastered and completed an effective course about entrepreneurship. Also, we need to begin spreading the word on what it takes to be an entrepreneur and how they provide us with opportunities on finding future jobs and careers. The stereotype about entreporeneurship will start to dissapear once people begin educating themselves through experience and education on what it takes to be an entrepreneur.
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