Defining Organisational Behaviour

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“The study of the structure, functioning and performance of organisations, and the behaviour of groups and individuals within them” Derek Pugh’s (1971)

This influential definition of organisational behaviour was by Derek Pugh in 1971. Human behaviour is the way people act and react to situations and circumstances, each individual is different, therefore it is essential for an organisation to study human behaviour in order to understand the workforce. By observing and understanding each individual the organisation would improve performance; organisational behaviour can be considered as the key area of management.

Organisations study organisational behaviour within by; investigating individuals, social perception, attitudes and emotions. By doing so they are able to determine whether motivation is existent and if so, is it successful. How individuals work in groups and teams is important for unity within organisations therefore it is crucial to know how people communicate amongst their group/teams and how well is the outcome when they do. Employees can become stressed which would affect them a great deal because an employee stressed would not be able to work to his/her potential. However this would be the least of the organisations worry because stress affects an employee’s psychological well-being a great deal, this is dire for both the organisation and the individual. We know how these factors fit into the reason behind studying organisational behaviour however its relevance in today’s organisations is still a question, I’m going to discuss two of the factors in more detail and relate to whether they are relevant or not in today’s organisations.

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