Defining Friendship Essay: The Meaning Of Friendship

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The Meaning of Friendship When defining friendship it can be explained in numerous of ways. It is most commonly described as the quality or state of being friendly; but, truthfully friendship it far more complex than just a simple expression to one another. It is a relationship that is formed over time that takes much commitment and a leveled compromise with one another to proceed the connection. A friendship can begin from something as common as a mutual interest and form into something life lasting. In order to begin and maintain this correspondence, there will be an urgence for similar interest, honesty, and making time and showing appreciation for one another. As noted before, the most common way to start this particular type of relationship …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that friendship is more complex than a simple expression to one another. it takes commitment and leveled compromise to proceed the connection.
  • Explains that finding things both sides of the parties enjoy or have interest in can be an excellent conversation starter towards others and an interesting way to grow the connection stronger.
  • Opines that honesty is a big part of the friendship puzzle and can easily be taken apart if the truthfulness is missing.
  • Opines that showing appreciation can keep people closer no matter the distance away. maintaining a sturdy friendship requires common interest, honesty, and reminding one's self to always appreciate the other.

people that are the most honest are more than likely to keep the friendship the longest (Smith). This is highly mandatory within the relationship not only because it is healthy for either sides of the bond but it also makes the bong grow stronger.Where there is honesty, it is followed by trustworthiness, this lets go of unkindness as well as mendacious opinions that cause negative vibes in the relationship (Smith). Having a friend that holds a strong trust and is always honest is pleasent to have when a feeling of loneliness has surfaced, in this time it is okay to be vulnerable when in the midst of honesty because it will assist in the evolution of amity. When someone is susceptible enough to open up to a certain person this it is something very special that comes within this precious connection called friendship. Along with being vulnerable there needs to be honest opion and to truthfully state feelings towards whatever the topic may be. Overall, honesty is a big piece to the friendship puzzle and can easily be taking apart if the truthfulness of the bond is missing (Smith). In order to prevent this from occurring and keeping the friendship alive it is an intelligent idea to always show one another that they are truly

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