Defining Art

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What is art? This seems like such a simple question when first asked but after time requires a lot of thought. Art has been going on since the beginning of time yet it never seems to be the same from generation to generation. Art has always been a great way for people to transforms their thoughts and imagination into some form of a visual aspect. Looking back upon on history we can see that art has always been important to humans. We can see forms of art draw by cavemen in caves or even the Egyptian Temples. The great thing about art is there is few limitations. We see in the examples above that art can be formed using berries or bricks. We also can look at many other past examples and see that art can be carved, built, assembled, drawn or arranged. Another point that makes art interesting is that everyone's preferences are different. Some artist prefer to paint while other carves. Many artist like to use small mediums while others like to use much larger mediums. When thinking of art we usually think of paintings yet we seem to over look things like sculptures and statues. For ex...

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