Defining An Everlasting Friendship: The Value Of Friendship

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Imagine being in a world without friends, never having someone to talk to or even spend time with. Imagine feeling lonely, no one to call to invite to the movies or dinner. When networking is not important and meeting people is out of the question. The world would be dull; there would be no one to share your thoughts and emotions with. Denying yourself of friendship is something had to do, in fact much of our lives are spent with interaction with others. Making great friends is a hard task and should be a choice that it thought thoroughly. They define friendship when two people share a strong bond of mutual understanding, respect and love; this lays the foundation stone for an everlasting friendship. So how can one define a good friend? What are the benefits of having friends? Through the years as well as experiences people develop good friendship skills; it is a fundamental factor to learn how to work with others, thus different people learn how to relate with each other. Friendships…show more content…
They have stuck by me through thick and thin and have always been positive examples for me. I would see other peoples life’s and what kinds of friends they had made and I noticed as much as we don’t like to admit it your friends have a deep impact on how you live your life. Memories help us realize who good friends are. I remember whenever I wouldn’t have money and I was hungry and needed money for the bus, or even needed a ride I knew my friends were always there for me. I remember my mom would always get off of work late and I needed somewhere to stay afterschool and my friend would let me go over her house and she would offer me food. Friends can show their kindness in the smallest ways. Letting them give you advice can be very beneficial, if it is wise. My friends where always there giving me advice with school, relationships, and even everyday teenage choices, through my parents’ divorce it was my friends who stayed by my
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