Defining A Family: The True Definition Of Family

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Family can not be described in a simple definition, in my opinion, a family is bigger than just that. Everyone tends to think that family is just people that are related to you and will always be there for you, but I do not think it is merely that simple. For me family is there when you do not even need them. People that are constantly making you feel loved and never making you feel unwanted. Family is not the blood that runs through your veins, it is the emotional connection you feel with someone. I do not feel an emotion connection with every family member. The ones I do have a connection with I would sacrifice anything for because for me that is the true definition of family. Relatives do not make the family a whole. I personally feel like relatives are people that connect the family, but I do not think that is what makes a family. Family is made up of people that are incorporated into everyday life and you share close moments with. Family can be made up of close friends because if you feel a trust and a true bond then you want to share your life with them. A true example of that is the story “The Grapes of Wrath” when the family meets the Wilsons. The family decided to greet them into the family because they helped the Joads in a…show more content…
Out of all things trust is not easy to come by so it is very important for a family to have it. I feel like a family stays together by always having each other's backs. In the novel “The Grapes of Wrath” Ma Joad wanted the family to stay together and that is the way they stuck through till the end. Even with the many hardships that happened to each of them, they trusted each other to help and fix any issues. I believe that if they lost trust they would have gone their separate ways. When I think of my family, they consist of people that I fully trust with anything. I feel like if I had a major issue that I would not be able to fix I can turn to them and know they could fix

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