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Words are often used without their intended meaning. Some words have been forbidden to be used by certain races or groups or have just been taken out of play due to their foul nature, while others remain in everyday use. The word Narcissist is often thrown at people as a derogatory way of describing anyone who is acting on their own behalf. Unknown by many, it is also used as a medical term to categorize behaviors, symptoms and issues of a personality disorder. The Urban Dictionary (2005) defines narcissist, in layman terms, as a person who is overly obsessed with ones looks and stature (Mercedes). While, The Webster Dictionary (1913) gives the definition as one who is in love with one’s self ( The medical definition from Mayo Clinic (2011) explains narcissist as “Narcissistic Personality Disorder”, a mental disorder of people who have increased feelings of significance with an overwhelming hunger for respect and esteem. The clinic states that the person often feels unique and holds themselves above all, while disregarding any emotions of others. The person may appear strong and self-empowered, but they are often struggling with low self-confidence and are emotionally over sensitive (Mayo Clinic Staff, para. 1). The first two definitions of the word narcissist are quite similar, they are more commonly known and used by the general public. The medical definition gives insight into the hidden reality that people who are insulted with the title of narcissist may actually be suffering from a cognitive impairment that may be unknown to them. Relating to its origin the word is often used correctly, but over the years narcissist has been integrated in to the medical field and is commonly used to describe and... ... middle of paper ... ...he causes of “Narcissistic Personality Disorder” are unknown. Several theories relate narcissism to a child’s upbringing, genetics or the psychology of the person. The disorder may even be a combination of all three potential elements adding to its complexity (Psych Central, para.12). Treatment of narcissistic personality disorder is equally complex. Long term individual or group psychotherapy is the only known treatment, though medications may be used in combination to treat elements of the disorder (Mayo Clinic Staff 2, para. 3). This small look into the word narcissist provides a multitude of information about the personal aspects that a name might carry. The medical field has added too and redefined the meaning of narcissist, creating many varying levels of the word. So, what was once used as a descriptive word by many, is now be a condition suffered by others.
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