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There are many people who are afraid of telling people that they are feminists. Perhaps, they are afraid of getting rebuffed. Perhaps they are worried that they’ll be laughed at. Perhaps they are concerned that their ideas won’t be given credence. No matter what the reason, there seems to be an issue with the majority of the public with the idea of a feminist and postfeminism. Feminists are usually put down because the idea of feminism is not truly understood. This begs the question - what is feminism, and who is a feminist? A feminist is a person who believes in the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes and feminism are the ideals that feminists hold.
Do women need equal representation in the political sphere? Don’t they have equal representation? This is one faction of what feminists fight for. Women make up a little over half of the United State’s voting population. However, they make up less than 20% of elected offices in government. This means that important views and opinions that missing percentage of women could be bringing to government are missing from legislation. Legislation regarding women’s reproductive rights, the Equal Pay Act, and other important decisions affecting women are never discussed with women. But why aren’t there more women in government? Women are constantly taught to aspire for positions that have lesser importance than the positions men are taught to aspire to. When sampling a group of little boys and girls, an equal number of them want to the President of the United States, but ask that same question to the group five years later, and it is common to see that more boys than girls still want to be President. To illustrate this idea, one can say that the expected job of a woman in bu...

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... women are not given the same validations that men are.
Along with the term feminist comes many misconceptions and that leads to many feminists being afraid that their ideas will not be taken seriously. For example, a feminist is a woman that does not shave her body hair. False. A feminist is person that shaves if they want to, because there is not one set standard of beauty that they must adhere to. Feminists are not allowed to wear dresses or makeup. False. It is important to recognize that men and women are feminists, and it does not matter what a person looks like in order to be a feminist. All in all, a feminist is person that believes that equality does not exist for all genders, specifically women. A feminist is a person that fights for women and men to be equally respected in the political, social, and economic spheres and feminism is the fight for equality.
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