Defender of the Costitution: Daniel Webster

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In 1827, Daniel Webster a lawyer specializing in the Constitution from Massachusetts and previous member of the House of Representatives was elected to the Senate. He severed in that position from 1827 to 1841 the entire time Andrew Jackson was president. Webster was extremely passionate about the constitution and what it stood for, which earned him the nickname “Defender of the Constitution.” Throughout his term in office Webster and President Jackson interacted on many issues such as the Nullification Crisis, Bank War, Tariff of 1828, and the Indian Removal bill. Though he did not always agree with Jackson’s actions he agreed that above all else they needed to do what was best to preserve our great nation.
After being elected to the Senate, Webster surprisingly changed his previous views against protective tariffs to one in favor of. As factories increased in New England he now believed that they were necessary to stimulate the economy, so he voted in favor of the Tariff of 1828. Jackson, much like Webster believed that some protection was necessary to keep our country secure and...

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