Deer Essay

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Ever since the Pilgrims were introduced to the Indians, the deer was a big meat source for survival. They used the meat, bones for various needs, including sewing and the fur for clothing. The deer became an everyday hunted game. The decline of the deer population began.
Before Mayflower Landed, Indians had a Saying "you only killed what you can eat, so that you can eat tomorrow', the forest itself did not provide the optimum habitat necessary to maintain the deer population. The Deer’s were abundant, in areas were forest fires, lightening fires and other catastrophes had started to destroy parts of the forest canopy. Natural enemies of the predators of the deer like the cougars, wolves, coyotes also played a big part in regulating the population and keeping the herds relatively balanced withe habitat.
As the south grew, The farmers began the grow crops, and then the war started, the need for cotton began the escalate, so land became a dire need, so the deer habitat once again was threaten, with no food to eat the nutrition stopped the production of the population, so the declining the herds once again was falling. Men hunting deer for meat was still a necessity for most families for survival was still prevalent.
The big cattle Barons who supplied the troops with meat, had problems now with coyotes, wolves, attacking their cattle, got together an put bounties on these animals to protect their investments. As these farmers’ extensive cotton production and hunting grew, it put a large dent in the deer herd population drastically.
By the 1900s, the population had reached an all-time low, the public became concerned, talks about conservation were talked about, and Laws were put in place to protect the herds. Just after WWII, a re...

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... will mate their first year, because of more abundant nutrition less stress because of less predators lurking. Hunting is now restricted in certain areas. It is said that, the population can double in one year.
Their close to a million car collisions each year with deer on the highways causing 3.8 billion in deer claims reported by State Farm each year.One serious fact about deer overpopulation is that, they do carry Lyme disease, being that they do run throughout our communities, it is a concern that we need to be aware of.
Man has failed to control the deer population. The controls put in placed had “backfired” and cause overcrowding in many communities. No solution to the serious deer overpopulation problem will be possible until local, state, and federal government agencies assume responsibility for this situation and implementation a solution to this problem.
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