Decriminalization of Cannabis would be legal

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Marijuana Legal or Illegal

Cannabis, sold as marijuana, hashish and hash oil, is the most

frequently used illicit drug in Canada. Roughly one in four Canadian

adults report having used cannabis at some time in their lives. Cannabis

use has been on the rise among young people. “For example, a 1997

Addiction Research Foundation survey found that 25 per cent of Ontario

junior high school students used cannabis in the previous year, up from 13

per cent in 1993.” (cannabae) Knowing this, should the United States

legalize cannabis? There are some questions that must be answered first.

What other uses does cannabis have and how would legalizing affect the

drug rings in the US.

In terms of health risks, some consequences of cannabis

are clearly known, while others, such as the effects of chronic exposure,

are less obvious. In terms of respiratory damage, marijuana smoke

contains higher concentrations of some of the constituents of tar and

tobacco smoke. In addition, it is hotter when it contacts the lungs and is

typically inhaled more deeply and held in the lungs longer than tobacco

smoke. In terms of physical co-ordination, Cannabis impairs co-ordination.

This brings with it the risk of injury and death through impaired driving or accidents such as falls. When it comes to pregnancy and childhood

development, Cannabis use by pregnant women may affect the fetus.

As with tobacco s...
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