Decrimializing Natural Herbals

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Marijuana was recognized as a narcotics drug, and American children must be protected against it. On August 2, 1937, marijuana became illegal at the federal level. The legalization of Marijuana has been a controversial issue over the past years. People wonder if marijuana should be legal or not? There are many benefits of legalizing marijuana. Marijuana is a good alternative to opiate based painkillers, with a low risk of abuse, it is used to help cancer and glaucoma patients, and is safer to use than alcohol and tobacco. For these reasons alone, the federal government should pass legislation to legalize marijuana in all 50 states for medicinal purposes.
Marijuana is one of the names given to the Cannabis sativa plant when it is used as a drug. The active ingredient in marijuana is tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. Marijuana is used because its primary active ingredient, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) produces a relaxed state and may increase the senses. THC is the main part responsible for marijuana's mind-altering effect. This causes that relaxation in the consumer’s body and get the high effect.
Researchers have tested marijuana for several years and came to a conclusion that it’s a natural pain killer drug. This drug is more efficient than the pain killers doctors give because medical marijuana doesn’t affect the patient’s body as some normal pain killers would. Medical marijuana has helped many people that suffer pains such as back pains, and knee pains. It also helps with deadly diseases such as AIDS and HIV. For example, Ellen Lenox Smith was one of the people who are suffering from muscle tissue disorders. She claimed that marijuana saved her life. Ellen tried lots of different painkillers. Some of them didn’t work. Her doctor ...

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...s. Providing society with natural painkillers that as actually help so many people with different diseases. Having an option of fixing our economy issue and having an herbal to relax a person. People who are against legalizing marijuana should look into some great positive reasons that this drug can provide to our society and actually be a great key tool in this country.
Legalizing marijuana will help save society money, help the medical field to find solutions and help people with diseases. It will eliminate dangerous community activists in which the illegal drug is causing. Legalization of marijuana would have a tremulous impact on today's society. Voters and congress alike must learn about these benefits which the end of marijuana prohibition would bring. The more people that realize legalizing marijuana is excellent the further we are on bettering our society.

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