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14-19 decorated textile One of the most popular textiles in Congo collection is Kuba Raffia Textiles, very unique in the Democratic Republic of Congo. They are known for their amplification and complexity of design and surface decoration. Most textiles are dissimilarity on rectangular or square pieces of woven palm leaf fiber improved by geometric designs finished in linear embroidery and other stitches, which are cut to form pile surfaces like velvet. Congo Women are usually responsible for transforming raffia cloth into numerous forms of textiles, as well as ceremonial skirts, ‘velvet’ compliment cloths headdresses and basketry. The kind of art that I choose for my project is the decorated textile 14-19. Decorated textile is from Congo, and Congolese culture. Textile in West Africa is very popular even before 1400 ce. This textile that I choose is originally from Congo before 1400 ce, it is 24x47cm. I didn’t find any kind of information about the person who made this original decorated textile. Congo’s use textile weather made locally or imported, they use textile of different colors, shapes and designs for daily or ceremonial clothing. They use this textile as shrouds for the dead or as furnishing fabrics for the interior of their residences. When using textile as clothing or on clothing, they usually wear them to be protected from negative forces. Just like it was said in the book the increase in wealth brought corresponding increase in the production of specialty textile, baskets, and regalia for the privilege class of people respected and were used as methods of exchange before European contact. The textiles were praised by the Portuguese from first contact and were accepted as a gift or collected, eventually finding their... ... middle of paper ... I knew how to do it. After the first crochet, she made me jump into doing the double crochet. As I was practicing, it got easier and simple to follow the direction on how to do the textile. Crochet is similar to textile and that is why I picked crochet for my project. My mom had all the supplies to do the crochet, which are crochet hook, yarn, and scissors. I also watched some YouTube videos on how to do the textile and crochet. I started doing part of it because they do seem very long and will take forever to finish them. Since I will be using different colors for the patterns, I just kept it simple and easy for me to get it done by just doing part of it. Doing the whole thing will be difficult to finish; I was kind of frustrated about this because it was hard to find more information about my textile I choose, but overall everything turned out the way i wanted.

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