Decolonization Of The United States

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Decolonization occurred, and continues to occur, around the world. Throughout the 1800’s, many small nations were invaded and colonized by the invaders. As a result of colonization, many were forced to abandon all they knew, and native peoples of the land became lost and slowly began to lose their culture and languages. Over the past decade, indigenous peoples continue to take action to recolonize and revive the culture lost after the many attempts of genocide (Corntassel, 2008). As there are many forms, attending boarding schools is a large focus point. These schools not only stripped them of their culture and tore them away from their families, but abused them as well. It wasn’t until they became a sovereign nation that they were given their rights and began to rebuild and take action to revive both their culture and language. Although action was taken in the early 1830’s to support the Native Americans and their rights, it wasn’t until the late 1800’s that it was followed through with action. Within this time frame, indigenous children were forced to attend boarding schools and abandon their family. Within the boarding schools, indigenous children were punished if they spoke their native tongue and/or expressed a belief separate from Christianity in any way (Byrn, 2016). This was the process that made indigenous children abandon their culture and eventually lose both their culture and language. As a result of never speaking their native tongue or expressing their beliefs while attending boarding schools, they are unable to teach younger generations. However, a handful of indigenous children did not attend these boarding schools are able to share their knowledge and language with the younger generations. Indigenous peoples are ... ... middle of paper ... ...e, or “permission.” The nations are slowly beginning to revive their cultures and languages, and are becoming their own nation; to the same standing they had before the Europeans invaded North America and the home land to all of the original peoples. Seeing that the indigenous have been through a lot of attempts of mass genocide and are still able to continue their traditional lifestyles, shows that resilience runs deep within the blood of all Native Americans. From blood quanta, assimilations, and boarding schools, the native population has a lot to do in order for their original lives to become the norm. Unfortunately, the land they find sacred is already in control of the government and has been town into bits and pieces for buildings and other constructions such as oil drilling. The native lifestyle can be partially brought back but can never be fully revived.
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