Decisive Moment Essay

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Decisive Moment Having consistently received A’s and B’s in the past, I shocked myself when I failed both semesters of AP Calculus AB. That happened sophomore year and it struck me like a bolt of lightning. I had negative thoughts about my success in the future and it impacted me greatly. For awhile, I questioned and asked myself why I did not study hard like the other students. I also feared that I would not be able to get into the university I wanted. My parents sacrificed a lot for me so I hope to get a decent job and support them later in the future. Upon seeing the F’s and my low GPA, my mom was disappointed in me because I’ve always tried my best in school; but not this time. In order to bounce back from this fiasco, I retook the class…show more content…
My first mistake had to do with attitude. Attitudes inside of me consisted of apathy, lethargic, and unwillingness. Following an unchallenging freshman year and a relaxing summer, I hardly say that I was prepared for my first AP class. I knew expectations in AP classes were high because they’re college level introductory courses. My teacher that year was known as one of the “hardest” math teachers on campus. Just the mention of his name scared some students. A large chunk of homework was given everyday which took approximately three hours and on top of that, handouts and worksheets were also given for extra practice. The course wasn’t challenging but it was my attitude that lead me downhill. Having him as my teacher, I began to lose self-confidence and worried about not passing the rigorous class. A second mistake was my diverted attention; an extracurricular that I was involved in was not then seen as a distraction. The extracurricular that consumed most of my time was basketball. I made the basketball team in the summer before my Freshman year. Ever since middle school, I’ve always envisioned myself playing for all four years of my high school career and getting into the Varsity team. My decision to continue with another year was to improve and learn more about the game of basketball since I didn’t have any skills prior to joining. As a young girl, I’ve always had a passion for basketball. Kobe Bryant was my role model. My main focus and the majority of my time went to improving my skills for more playing time. I always performed my best during practice so my coaches can see that I’ve been improving and making progress. In the beginning, I would only be on the court for one to two minutes max. However, by sophomore year, I was the starting point guard. They knew I had the potential
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