Decisions Made Alone Manifest Injustice

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In Michael Bruce’s, “Gentlemen, Your Verdict” and Kurt Vonnegut’s, “Harrison Bergeron” decisions that determined the lives of many were made by a single person. Lieutenant Commander Oram and the Handicapper General illustrate that decisions made by an individual affects the lives of others and leads to injustice.
First and foremost, while Oram is perceived to be just in his own eyes not everyone will see the world as he does, furthermore, even though this is true they do not have any say in a decision that will end in their demise. This is known because Oram says, “none of the others had the least idea of what I intended doing” (Bruce 2). This is important above all else, because it shows Oram made a decision by himself that broke the law which is made collectively by humanity, and represents justice. It shows despite any individual’s good intentions that much power in the hands of an individual corrupts, in addition it leads to unjust decisions and actions. That much power in the hands of an individual corrupts in the sense that even though Oram was trying to make the right decision, he made the wrong one as his personal beliefs interfered when he should have just followed the procedure that was agreed upon. This is turn violates the ideals, values, and also the rights of the many people the decisions are forced upon. That is why our society creates laws and rules together, not through individual ideals and self-righteousness. They create laws and rules together so everyone is treated equally and not subject to someone’s own morals and whims. This also goes together with my next example when Oram says, “I arranged that the men with families should survive” (Bruce 2). This especially shows that Oram is using his own values, despi...

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... just not one person just as the citizens decided at the end of the story, however the Handicapper General could not see it. This coincides with the idea that decisions made by individuals that affects the lives of others is unjust, because if the Handicapper General did not act alone she could have realized what society believed in and desired. It also relates to the thesis because it shows as the Handicapper General is acting alone it makes her act blindly and she shoots Harrison Bergeron even though society sees him as a hope of a better future because they collectively see is ideas and beliefs as just.
Lieutenant Commander Oram and the Handicapper General exemplify how decisions made by one that affect the lives of many are unjust. Decisions made by individuals leads to injustice as justice comes from the collective morals, beliefs, ideals and values of society.
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