Decisions In Paradise

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Abstract This paper will describe the evaluation stage of the decision-making steps. Working through the last part of the nine step process Nik and Alex will review the factors that will have to be considered during implementation. Nik and Alex will work to evaluate resources that will be needed during this phase of the decision-making process. Once the implementation has taken place measuring the process will be necessary to ensure that the plan stays on track. The evaluation of the stakeholders and the ethical implications of the solution will also need to be evaluated to ensure a proper solution has taken place. Decisions in Paradise III Looking back into Decisions in Paradise I and II, it covered the following: identifying the problems, defining criteria, goals and objectives, evaluating the effect of the problems and identifying the causes of the problems. I framed out the alternatives and evaluated the impacts of the alternatives and in this paper it will implement decision and measure the impacts. First task at hand, Nik will be contacting an organization to help coordinate a plan to get emergency food and water to this island. After a small debate Nik decided he would contact World Vision program. Nik had asked if they could come and give their assessment of the situation on the island of Kava. Once World Vision arrived they put a plan together to help house food and water on this island for the people and for the employees that would be hired to rebuild Kava. The Koehler Company a local company in the town where Nik grew up at arranged to meet up with World Vision to set a plan in action. This must include drawing up plan of action and budget, what type of transportation will be used and where and how supplies wi... ... middle of paper ... ...aybe for the fact that this is his first major project. The rebuilding is going to take time but Nik and Alex wanted to make sure this was done properly. “The creation of a business case template is a good start to the investment appraisal process. It helps people know what management is looking for and ensures that the new ideas conform to the company’s overall strategy” (Langdon, 2001). N References Langdon, K. (2001, n.d.). Smart Things to Know about Decision Making [University of Phoenix Custom Edition e-text]. Capstone Publishing Ltd. Retrieved March 20, 2008, from University of Phoenix, rEsource, MGT350-Critical Thinking: Strategies in Decision Making Course web site. World Vision's History (n.d.) Enabling the world's children to reach their God-given potential. Retrieved March 20, 2008, from
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