Decision Support For Disorganized Decisions

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1a. Decision Support Systems generally provide support for disorganized decisions. DSS problems are often characterized by unfinished or questionable information, or the use of qualitative data. DSS includes modeling tools where different sequence of events can be modeled and compared. Investment decisions are an example of what might be supported by Decision Support Systems. Management Information Systems are generally more refined reporting systems built on existing transaction processing systems. MIS is often used to support structured decision making and will typically support tactical level management, but sometimes are used at other levels. Examples of structured decisions supported by Management Information Systems may include determining stock levels or the pricing of goods. 1b. Management Information System reports alone are often not enough for middle and top-level managers because these reports meet the needs of decision makers at the operational and strategic levels who are faced with more organized types of decision making. Sales managers greatly rely on sales analysis reports to judge differences in performance among salespeople who sell the same types of goods to the same types of customers. They have a good idea of what kind of information about sales results they need to control sales performance efficiently. Decision Support Systems can provide support for disorganized decisions which is the opposite of Management Information Systems. DDS results are often more beneficial than MIS reports because DSS includes modeling tools where different sequence of events can be modeled and compared. 1c. Sales analysis reports are an example of what is supported by Decision Support Systems. The reports may include sales perfo... ... middle of paper ... ... of risk, Nicholls should make sure that there is enough documentation of the system. Another risk would be insufficient analysis and design leading to inadequate systems. To reduce the level of risk, Nicholls should make sure that the employee who designs the system has experience with doing so by having used the same programs before or having some training. 5c. An organization like Nicholls State University can use change management techniques to minimize the resistance to, and maximize the acceptance of changes in IS/IT in the university in many ways. One strategic process that Nicholls has used is changing its design of the universities website. They have updated it and made the website better. Nicholls has recently gotten new computers in the library. This is a great change because students will be able to do more on up to date computer models than before.
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