Decision Making Process Essay

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Decision-making processes Three distinct decision making processes are programed decisions, operations research, and non-programed decisions (Dunn, 2010). Programed decisions are those made routinely and are well-known to the person making the decision (Dunn, 2010). Often these issues have standard rules and regulations that encompass them (Dunn, 2010). As stated by Dunn (2010), “operations research is closely aligned with systems analysis and is defined as the use of mathematical models, analytical methods, or structured inquiry to analyze a complex situation and identify the optimal approach” (p. 44). The third decision making process is non-programmed decisions, which are out of the ordinary having no typical solution (Dunn, 2010). Steps of the decision-making process with integration of personal experience A sequence of steps must be followed in the decision-making process (Dunn, 2010). These include defining the problem, analyzing the problem, developing alternatives, evaluating the alternative and choosing the best, and finally taking action and following up (Dunn, 2010). According to Dunn (2010), the problem cannot be addressed until the true root of the problem has been defined. Once the source has been defined, the next step is to gather the obvious and not so obvious factors, and then analyze…show more content…
Negligence occurs when a person omits to act with care or fails to act in a manner of a prudent person and the unintentional action caused injury or harm to another (Joshua, 2011). Malpractice refers to a professional or physician who does not follow a set standard of care that has been established by their governing body (Joshua, 2011). Professional and non-professionals can be charged with negligence, but only professional can be charged with malpractice (Joshua,