Decision Making Process

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I work for FBS Corporation of America, we train nurses who wants to qualify for an LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) or RN (Registered Nurse) exams, and those who wants to transit from LPN to RN. After reading the required piece for this week, I decided to agree with Malcom Gladwell who responded to James Surowiecki via an email exchange. Malcom Gladwell suggests that there should be certain situations when BLINK can be used instead of relying on loads of information before making a decision. However, the challenge is the ability to recognize which problems can be solved using BLINK or calculated thoughts. In my organization I would say that we use calculated thoughts, rational approach, and BLINK. Although, I am very aware that there are chances of making the “Warren Hardin Error” while using BLINK. Warren Harding Error is when wrong assumptions are being made, or when it becomes a stereotype. Gladwell states that BLINK focuses on the 2 seconds judgment or conclusion individuals make when faced with new circumstances, objects, or activity. I am aware that it is not gut feeling or intuition and it can be used during interviews. I have used this BLINK on so many occasions with my clients. From the first day I speak to a student I can always tell if that student will graduate from the program and an approximate amount of time. Based on my judgment I can determine what payment option to offer the student. It can either be a monthly, quarterly, or student loans. Students whom I think may not complete the program, I offer them the quarterly payments and encourage them to go at a slower pace, and the student whom I think has what it takes to complete the program is the one I offer the monthly payment plan. To support my reason for agre... ... middle of paper ... ...ction. If managements in my organization can train its employee to think of these simple steps while faced with a difficult situation; I believe the entire organization ought to have possessed the ability to use reasonable, organized, and systematic decision-making process without making the mistakes that has occurred in the past. Works Cited Decision making skills -- Starts here. Retrieved April 9, 2010 from Gladwell, M. (n.d.) What is BLINK about? Retrieved April 5, 2010, from Surowiecki, J. and Gladwell, M. (2005) BLINK and The Wisdom of Crowds (email exchange) Retrieved April 5, 2010, from Top 10 thinking traps exposed -- How to Foolproof Your Mind, Part I. Retrieved May 6, 2010 from

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