Deciphering The Federal Bureau of Prisons

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Standing as one the most dominant agencies operating within the criminal justice system, the Federal Bureau of Prisons is a detrimental factor that has proven to materialize the very aspects of which to expand the dynamics of maintaining care, control, and custody of federal inmates. Albeit as it may that the agency’s establishment fails to loom too far into the crevices of history, the Federal Bureau of Prisons has surpassed a multitude of platforms that has propelled its strengths today far beyond what its founders could have imagined. However, given the magnitude of such feat as the Federal Bureau of Prisons has been bombarded with, challenges such as, but not limited the swift rate of inmates incarcerated, has greatly hindered the government department. As such, given the vast opportunities that are available and through the enhancement of technology, the Federal Bureau of Prisons can, without a doubt, be quite imperative in advancing the state at which it is with prospects such as a complete revision of protocol. Hence, with threats such as the transition and glorification of utilizing private prisons to minimize or maximize certain aspects to lack of professionalism in safety and precautions, the institution otherwise known as the Bureau of Prisons will indisputably adhere to adversaries.

Deciphering the Federal Bureau of Prisons

Tracing back in to the deepest realms of mankind, the uncanny ability to perceive and therefore act immorally, as in committing deviant behaviors, has undeniably plagued the progression of humankind. As such, as the advancement of time proved to be unremitting, means of advocating eminent solutions, namely prisons, to elucidate and decipher society’s rogues through the evolution of conjuring syst...

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To sum up, the Federal Bureau of Prisons is an agency within the branch of government that houses the Department of Justice. Conceived with the mission to provide more progressive and civilized assiduousness to society’s deviants, a method to professionalize the prison’s advantage and to guarantee unswerving and unified supervision was instilled to catapult an appeasement in providing custody, care, and control in spite of the detrimental components that illustrates the Federal Bureau of Prisons strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. (Singletary, Jr. 1998)


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