Decay Of The Art Of Lying

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In this paper, it should be noted that in the current essay I would like to compare Mark Twain’s essay “On the Decay of the Art of Lying” and Stephanie Ericsson’s essay “The Ways We Lie”. Twain uses satire to a practice that he finds quite objectionable. Decay of the Art of Lying is an essay about the social norms of Mark Twain's period. It can hold true and have big meaning for people in modern times. Twain challenges people to look at their actions and analyze how their actions can have a negative or positive effect on someone. As a fact, Twain approaches his subject with his humor that entertains, as well as criticizes the prevailing view (Moore 3). In turn, Stephanie Ericsson’s “The Ways We Lie” was written in another, more scientific style. She explains why people use a lie and their reasoning for doing it. In Ericsson’s essay, she writes ten descriptions and examples of lies we all encounter every, single day. Also, the essays differs in the aspect of style and thoughts. It had a big common point of contact that can be shown in the thesis. It will always be lying despite of t...

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