Decade of Dominence: The 1960's

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When people think of a time in our world where rebellious, free spirited and mindful people play a part in, the 1960’s come to mind. To be a decade known for that is why the 1960’s is the most loved decade of them all. The youth lived with no hatred, no care, and peace. The 1960’s were the big time for the Hippie movement and that’s what the youth did. Hippies, war, and music are what were going on during this decade. This decade is what showed the world that we could live with peace and love and not have to worry about anything. The 1960’s was the time of change and is the best era that has come. The 1960’s is the best decade because of the liberal people, how it was revolutionary, and the entertainment that passed through in these 10 years.

The 1960s was a very important decade when it came down to being liberal. The teenage decisions grew on themselves when the development of the birth control pill was introduced to the united states in 1960 ( Having this kind of freedom was either a good thing for teens. This could make them decide to have sex or it could push them away from it because they wouldn’t want to have to use it. Also, the 1960s had a lot of change in the respect shown for the law. People still had respect for the law but it was just a different kind of respect. People did what they thought was right. If they thought something was right and the law enforcement didn’t, they would fight it. The major event that occurred during the 1960s was the Woodstock Music Festival. This was the biggest liberal concert that has ever occurred. It was set up to bring the country together to show that we could live together as one, without war, just love and peace (http:...

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...s impacted today the most out of any other decade.

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