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Before engaging in the debates with Senator Stephen A. Douglas, Lincoln was relatively unknown in the political world and was just beginning his career in politics. Abraham Lincoln’s reputation was just starting to grow, and his life was about to make a drastic change. The Lincoln-Douglas debates of 1858 were a turning point in Abraham Lincoln’s political career.
After being nominated to the Illinois legislature, Lincoln gave his famous “House Divided” speech which caused much grief between the North and the South.
A short while after he was nominated, Lincoln challenged Stephen A. Douglas to a series of debates. Douglas quickly accepted, and named seven sites in Illinois for these debates. Lincoln could have proved his stand against slavery in a Senate debate, but the debates with Douglas received a lot of national recognition.
The first of the seven joint debates took place in Ottawa, Illinois. Lincoln spoke in a totally contrasting style than Douglas. Douglas was offensive and wanted to make his point known. Although the audience was amused, his Republican Party was not. They wanted Lincoln to be more aggressive in the next debate. Lincoln had never been applauded and didn’t know what to make of it. He now knew that there were people on his side.
At the second debate at Freeport, Lincoln, he pledged that it was Congress’ right and duty to terminate sl...
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