Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller

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Arthur Miller is the playwright behind Death of a Salesman. Arthur was born on the 17th of October 1915 into a wealthy New York City family. When the Great Depression hit, the family lost their money in the stock market and were forced to sell and move to Gravesend, Brooklyn. There, Arthur finished high school, working in odd jobs until he had enough to afford college at the University of Michigan. Arthur got his degree and moved back to New York City where he began his career as a playwright. ("Arthur.”)
Arthur’s first Broadway play was a disaster and closed after four showing. With disappointment in his soul he decided to give himself one last chance to “make it” as a playwright. This decision was a grand idea and some six years later Arthur found great success with his play, All My Sons, which earned him a Tony Award. Miller followed up this success with the success of Death of a Salesman, which won him another Tony Award, along with a Pulitzer Prize, and the New York Drama Critics' Circle Award. ("Arthur.”)
Following the success of Death of a Salesman, Arthur Miller divorced his first wife, Mary Slattery, and married Marilyn Monroe. Five years later, Marilyn and Arthur divorced and he was soon married to his third wife, Inge Morath. The couple had a son and daughter together. Miller demanded that the boy, who was born with Down-Syndrome, be uninvolved in daily life and family activities. Miller was eventually able to rekindle a relationship with his son who by that time was an adult. Arthur Miller’s later plays reflected his personal life. In his last successful play, The Price, Arthur tackled the subject of family relationships. ("Arthur.”)
Inge Morath died in 2002, prompting Arthur to meet and engage Agnes Barley. The tw...

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...e shared with Willy. Not only were letters written, but numerous sermons were done, “preached on the text of the play, explaining its exposure of the emptiness of Willy's dreams of material success, and sales managers using Willy as an object lesson of how not to be a salesman. Death of a Salesman made clear to the world that selling is not a quick fix for an individual (Murphy).”

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